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LMTD’s Slack channel got pretty emo last week over this Buffer blog post by Kevan Lee, inspiring big words like ‘must-read’, ‘brilliant’, and ‘@channel’. And rightly so: this isn’t the kind of blog post you have been sick of reading for years already– it’s an honest account, from a marketing professional at a company whose focus is social media, of how he’s been failing at his job.

For many of us, even those of us working in marketing, social media is hardly an exact science. And especially in the startup world, failing is treated as a shameful thing (odd, when learning from one’s mistakes is crucial to their success as an entrepreneur). Lee’s post not only brushed over that stigma (brave), but dived into the reasons why he thinks his social referral traffic has gone down by half over the last year.

It’s definitely worth a read– and maybe even some big words.


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