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Overcast, the free podcast streaming app, has been on our radar for a while here at Watercooler HQ, and this week account director Jessica Ramsey was kind enough to talk to us about it.

WC: Why go for Overcast instead of Apple’s podcast player?

Jess: Overcast is way better than the Apple version, in my opinion. It’s got a clean, straightforward, and tasteful design, unlike Apple’s clunky podcast app.

WC: What’s your favorite only-on-Overcast feature?

Jess: I love the Smart Speed function, which picks up extra speed without distortion during talk shows, and gets rid of dead air, which saves time. You can go into Settings and check how much it’s actually scrubbing out, which is neat.

I also love the normalizing volume function, so no one is too loud or too soft when listening to a conversation between two or more people.

WC: Thanks Jess!  

Another cool thing is that it was developed by just one guy, Marco, who says he did it just because he loves podcasts. Like, a lot.  


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