TV and Twitter: a Match Made in Marketing Heaven + Roadtripper + #ICYMI

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Twitter and TV: A match made in marketing heaven


Which is better: watching the latest episode of your favorite TV show with your friends, gleefully cherishing the freedom of spare time spent together after a long workday, or sitting there, cold and alone, lit only by the flickering blue light of your tear-soaked streaming device?


But IRL friends can’t always be depended on. Some have, you know, families, or work dinners, or prior engagements, or other such betrayals. And going ahead without them won’t work, either: those Game of Thrones spoilers sent to your group chat if everyone isn’t watching real time will only get you uninvited from next week’s viewing sesh.

Jon Snow fans on the solo tip have long turned to Twitter to make their group chat dreams a reality. Who needs friends when you can share highs and lols with strangers as rabidly obsessed with a program as you?

The folks over at Twitter, not being idiots, have caught on. Late last month, they released the TVxTwitter Playbook, including this infographic documenting the intersections between Twitter and TV, and how the two have grown together. “The very nature of Twitter – live, public, conversational, and distributed – has led to significant innovations in the way TV is both produced and consumed,” says the social network’s global media & agency research director Anjali Midha.

Some of the study’s key findings have serious implications for marketers all over the world. For one, Twitter swells with activity during major TV events:

Attn shifted to Twitter during major TV events

What’s more, TV watchers respond when prompted by a show to tweet. Hashtag integration in TV programs led to a 20% increase of Tweets per minute:

20% increase per minute of shows with hashtag integration

And finally, tweets about TV spur anyone – anyone – exposed to them to take action. Subliminal mind control techniques? Sounds like it.

Boost behavior twitter

These charts apply to American TV events, and study US Twitter users. But why shouldn’t its learnings be applied to the region? People in the Arab world also love Twitter – people in Saudi Arabia are among the most active Twitter users in the world – and they love TV events as well, like the finales of shows like Arab Idol (which attracted 100 million viewers) or Stars of Science.

This data has implications not only for TV shows, of course, but for brands looking to partner with, sponsor, or advertise on TV. It’s a synergy as natural as Stark and Baratheon.

Apps we love


This edition of #appswelove is brought to you by Dariush Kamyab, one of LMTD’s Strategists. His pick is Roadtrippers, a free travel planning app available for iOS and Android. “The concept is simply awesome,” he says.

“Roadtrippers takes Google Maps to the next level. Simply enter your location and your destination, and a myriad of choices opens up for you en route. Its unique content covers wonderful ‘off the beaten path’ places to visit and its database contains millions of the world’s most interesting locations. Hotels can also be booked through the portal, and saved places of interest can sync with your phone for a seamless transition to your other favorite map apps.”

Roadtrippers is for now only available in the US, but it will be rolling out to the UK, Mexico, and Australia. Dar will “definitely” be trying it out when he’s back home in the UK.


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