Facebook’s crackdown on video pirates + the length of everything + LMTD Likes

Welcome to The Watercooler, issue 56.

LMTD has picked out some of the most interesting digital and social media stories making waves around the web this week, to keep you up-to-date with developments in the world’s most exciting and fastest-growing industry. Something else you’d like to see?

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Facebook’s crackdown on pirated videos


Good news for creators of awesome videos everywhere: Facebook has announced plans to allow publishers to remove copyrighted material that has been uploaded without the proper permission.

It’s a thorny issue for the social media behemoth, which has come under fire from YouTube stars like Hank Green for allowing anyone to upload anything, anytime…even if they don’t own it. New ‘video matching technology’ will allow Facebook’s video partners to check whether their content has been uploaded without their consent — a system YouTube has already had in place for a number of years.

If the next great social media battle is going to be over video content, this change seems like a sensible one to make — not only does it appease some of the worries video content creators must have about not only their property, but also the reach and impact of their work, it is surely also the first step toward Facebook being able to monetise their video offering.

While it seems like Zuckerberg et. al. are playing catch up, it’s important to note they are serving four billion video views per day (how much of those are down to the increasingly unpopular autoplay feature is unclear).

That sound you can hear is the first shot in what’s likely to be a pretty impressive fight for video supremacy.

The ideal length of everything online

Screen Shot 2015-09-03 at 11.14.42 AM

You have a lot to say, and time and attention spans are short. So how concise do you have to be in order to have an impact with your audience? Take a look at this infographic from Adweek to find out.

Our top takeaways include:

– Facebook posts with 40 characters receive 80% more engagement than posts with a higher character count: sometimes it’s difficult to squeeze all your product info into two or three sentences. So don’t do it. Keep things short and sweet — and if you need to say more, send the user to your website or a custom landing page.

– The most popular videos on YouTube are pretty short: under three minutes, to be (almost) exact. Video content is important for social, and product videos, turorials and ads are a good way of helping your brand stand out in the crowd. But if you haven’t hit the mark by 03:01, the chances are no one will be around when you finally do.

Blog posts should be no longer than 1600 words: blogging is a great way of positioning yourself, your boss, or your business as a thought leader in your field. But if you’re hoping to increase product awareness or engagement with your blog, try not to ramble on. 74% of blog posts that are read take three minutes to finish. 94% take less than six.

TL;DR — brevity is your friend.

LMTD likes


This week, LMTD likes paid iPhone and iPad apps that are on sale for free for a limited time!

Check out the full list here. Hurry, or you might miss out! (FYI, our favourites are Tape, because we’re mostly children of the 80s and miss our cassettes, and ReadQuick, because productivity).


List: top apps by all time worldwide downloads

Google to punish mobile sites with annoying app install ads

LinkedIn to finally introduce messaging

Instagram Direct gets host of new features

Facebook testing pop-out video feature in iOS


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