5 trends to watch + tips from the PR pros + LMTD likes

Welcome to The Watercooler, issue 55.

LMTD has picked out some of the most interesting digital and social media stories making waves around the web this week, to keep you up-to-date with developments in the world’s most exciting and fastest-growing industry. Something else you’d like to see?

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5 social media trends to watch


As with a lot of these lists published online, not all of this is going to be news (that ‘the future is handheld’ shouldn’t come as a surprise to you at this stage…we’ve been saying it for around a year!). There are, however, a few pretty interesting insights to take from this particular one, via Entrepreneur.

The first is that Facebook’s largest share increase among any demographic for 2016 will be in the 65-years-and-older bracket. Okay, so maybe Serene already called this one…check Facebook to check what your parents have been doing these days. But rather than signalling the death knell for the platform, is the ageing user base simply a new challenge for brands? How would you market to the world’s silver foxes?

Next: culture is king. Users are always going to care more for a culture than a product. Brands are the nosey neighbours of social media, there to interrupt the conversations you have with friends — so it makes sense that the most successful brands online are likely to be the ones that can fit most inconspicuously into the existing environment. How do you market a product in a setting where your audience are more resistant to seeing ads? Follow the progress of Instagram’s advertising efforts for a pretty good test case!

Tips from the pros: influencer marketing


Influencer marketing campaigns can be a tricky proposition — so it’s a good thing Social Times has brought together 40 seasoned PR pros to give you their hints, tips and tricks of the trade!

While technically an infographic, it’s a little bit on the wordy side, so get ready to settle in. It’ll be worth it though, trust us!

Take a look and find out which types of influencer campaigns are the most successful, how the pros choose which influencers to work with, and how to measure the success of your campaign.

What more could you ask for?

LMTD likes


This week, LMTD Commercial Director Serene Touma talks about the importance of connectivity between devices, and the ultimate in organising apps: Pushbullet.

Pushbullet lets you send text messages, see phone notifications, send files, and chat with friends from your desktop. Not surprisingly, it’s a real time saver (you don’t have to continually dive in and out of pockets or handbags every time your phone pings at you), and there’s something to be said for having all your comms channels at your finger tips. 

It’s been a little buggy to begin with, but it still works a lot better than WhatsApp for desktop!


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