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How to escape the ad blockers…for now


A previous edition of The Watercooler said it best: ad blockers aren’t coming, they’re already here. And what’s good news for users looking for a little peace and quiet is bad news for brands with stuff to sell.

But while we covered one company’s plans to take on the as-yet largely un-blocked mobile market at source, it’s those users who still offer a sliver of hope for marketers.

According to a new survey by Genesis Media, 24% of respondents installed ad blockers on either their home or work computers, but just 3% did so on their tablet or mobile. Plus, 44% of men who’ve used ad blocking software said they would permit ads if they were less intrusive or higher quality.

Given how important mobile has become for everything from social media to news and shopping, these numbers are pretty encouraging. With a target audience that’s less likely to ignore you completely, and indeed more likely to listen if you have something interesting to say, or say it in an interesting way, the ball is back in your court.

Make your adverts worth watching and maybe — just maybe — the mobile market could be the next big thing for ads. Again.

(Spoiler: Apple’s iOS 9 may throw a spanner in the works).

16 hidden social media features


While not super tricky to access, some of social media’s best kept secrets are widely underused. These features aren’t ‘hidden’; you don’t have to press an obscure combination of buttons on your control pad to access them, but it’s possible they’re not on your brand’s radar, and one or two of them could come in handy the next time you take to social — that’s why Salesforce put together this neat little infographic.

Our top takeaways include:

Create a photo collage on Twitter: gone are the days of sharing one image at a time. If you have a product or range of products your Twitter following needs to look at more closely, remember you can share up to four photos in a single tweet.

– Embed SlideShare presentations in tweets: it’s a little dry, but maybe you want to share a presentation your top dog recently delivered, or something interesting you’ve spotted online. Twitter lets you embed these directly into tweets, meaning your followers won’t have to leave the app to view.

– Manage posts to page: When people tag your business in a Facebook status update, this appears in the sidebar section below your photos. It can be a little spammy, and it is possible to not display this feature for all to see, but it’s worth checking regularly for potential engagement opportunities, customer service issues or shareable content.

Check out the full infographic here.

LMTD likes

Screen Shot 2015-08-06 at 9.55.24 AM

LMTD Executive Creative Director Ted Totsidis has recently been playing around with Vimeo’s new free video editor for iOS, Cameo, and wants to tell you all about it…

Cameo turns your amateur camera roll videos into cinematic masterpieces by allowing you to edit different clips together, add a soundtrack, filter themes and text overlays.

A clever feature is that it saves the edited video to your camera roll once complete, which in turn allows you to post it on your social channels. Basically it’s trying to make long form cool again — although I’m still not convinced it’s the way forward for video on mobile; I mean, who wants to sit through a 5min video of a dog eating snacks while the soundtrack of the Dark Knight blasts in the background, right?


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