Facebook’s fight for relevance + social media demographics + LMTD likes

Welcome to The Watercooler, issue 43. LMTD has picked out some of the most interesting digital and social media stories making waves around the web this week, to keep you up-to-date with developments in the world’s most exciting and fastest-growing industry. Something else you’d like to see? Let us know at news@teamlmtd.com.

Is Facebook losing the fight to stay relevant?


It’s outlived MySpace, it’s positioned itself to rival tech giants like Google and Apple in terms of brand visibility and scope, but is it what it once was? And how long can it last?

Reports of Facebook‘s demise have been greatly exaggerated. And often. But where there’s smoke there’s fire…

When Zuckerberg’s baby first arrived on the scene, it was a revelation; nothing quite like it existed. This is in stark contrast to the social media landscape today, where new platforms and services are coming on stream at an incredible rate, and they’re all scrapping for relevance, audience, and revenue. With its popularity among teens and young adults dropping consistently in the face of competition, it’s far from certain to emerge the winner. But why is this?

Trust and safety: users are starting to swerve Facebook over privacy concerns (a theme recently taken up by Apple’s Tim Cook), preferring to use (seemingly) more discreet platforms. An eroding of trust hasn’t been helped by the negative publicity around the  platform’s recent ‘experiments’ on its users.

Evolving engagement: people are interacting with each other in a completely different way than they did at Facebook’s birth. While Facebook doesn’t lack the capability to help users share their worlds easily, visually, and immediately, there are other platforms that do it better — and more arriving every day.

Ageing users: If it’s something your parents use — and can use to keep an eye on you — the chances of it being your go-to social network are greatly diminished. Facebook has introduced a raft of new features to try to keep up with the shifting landscape, but the majority of them, like Stories and its integrated video, are aimed more at appeasing advertisers and boosting revenue. In the short term that may keep it ahead of the pack, but if there’s no one on the platform, there’s no one to see your adverts. What do you think of Facebook in the modern social media age? Is it still the juggernaut it was? Is it worth your advertising budget?

Social media: the demographics


So you think you know your audience? Take a look at this infographic from Sprout Social and find out! You’d be forgiven for thinking you had seen this before — in this blog even — but though infographics, articles, listicles, pithy YouTube videos and earnest essays on who to target can be found under every online rock, the depth of analysis here means this one is a keeper.

Our favourite stats include:

Facebook usage in rural locations comes in at 69%, far outstripping the competition (17% for Twitter and 19% Instagram).

– That more women than men use Pinterest has been reported so often it’s almost a cliche. But according to Sprout, Snapchat has an even starker gender split — 70% female users to 30% male.

– The US is home to the majority of Google+ users (55%), while the next biggest concentration can be found in India, which limps in at just 18%.

LMTD likes


LMTD Account Manager Michelle Smith talks us through Snapp Card, the region’s mobile loyalty program…

Snapp is awesome; it frees your wallet from space-wasting loyalty stamp cards and makes room for massive savings at the ‘snap’ of your smart phone button.

Using QR code technology, the team behind Snapp have snapped up some of the region’s most popular hospitality, travel, health & wellness and retail brands. Pretty much everything I do can be snapped these days, from yoga to grabbing my caffeine fix. It’s easy and it’s everywhere (nearly!), and who doesn’t like free stuff?!


Instagram beefs up its ad offering

Facebook tests ‘canned responses’

‘Music Insights’ debuts on YouTube for Artists

Emoji can now be used to report abuse

Caitlyn Jenner now fastest to 1m Twitter followers


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