Emoji Popularity by Market + 12 questions to ask before you post + WhatsApp tops Facebook in the UAE

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Emoji Popularity by Market


At LMTD we have a particular affinity to emojis. Perfect for conveying that one emotion when no words can, ideal for the quick 10-4, and pretty awesome when it comes to Slacking with colleagues. However, have you ever wondered what makes some emojis more popular than others?

According to emoji data collected by the popular keyboard app SwiftKey, the language you speak says a lot about the emoji you likely send.

Our favourite take-aways and your ice-breaker for the weekend?

  • Happy faces trump sad faces globally, with the former being used 45% of the time, and the latter only 14%!
  • Americans love skulls, Brazilians love cats, and the French love hearts, and more relevant of all, Arabic speakers love to share flower and plant emoji — a whopping 4 times more than the average! (Happy Earth Day from Dubai!)
  • What everyone wants to know — Canadians score highest for the poop emoji compared to other countries. There you go.

12 questions to ask before you post


Sometimes posting to your social channels is done in a hurry. Sometimes you don’t know what to post, but feel like you have to at least post something. Well, we wouldn’t recommend either of these — or any of several other bad habits that can easily devalue your social brand. At LMTD, we think you should print out this checklist and take a close look whenever you’re tempted…

Our top takeaways include:

– Spell checking: it may seem like an obvious one, but just scroll through your Facebook timeline or Twitter feed and you’ll undoubtedly find errors (and not just when your friends are introducing their new haircut or baby…). If your audience doesn’t think you care enough to read the post back, they won’t either.

– Post length: keep in mind that most people access social media on their mobile. Keep it short, keep it sweet, link out to longer content if you need too.

– Making the most of visual content: Visual. Content. Is. Important. Always pick the most relevant image or the best quality image. And if you don’t have one….take a new one!

Click here for the full checklist.

WhatsApp tops Facebook in the UAE


A recent study by Northwestern University in Qatar shows WhatsApp is the most popular social app in the UAE, with a staggering 100% of respondents using it (compared to 88% for Facebook) and 73% for YouTube).

According to NU-Q, Facebook was the overall winner across the region, with the mobile messaging app a close second, followed by video giant YouTube.


While probably leaving the Middle East’s big brands happy their social budget is well-spent on Facebook, the news is also likely to have everyone wondering how long WhatsApp will remain ad-free, and how best to utilise it when the decision to sell space finally comes.

YouTube’s third place is in keeping with the rising popularity of video content across the web; it’ll likely only climb the ladder from here. With a slate of bright ideas coming on-stream to attract new and lapsed users, it’s not time for the Twitterati to worry just yet.

Which platforms do you use to reach your audience? What would you do with WhatsApp advertising? Let us know!

Apps We Love

Screen Shot 2015-04-23 at 6.02.27 PM

This week, social media maven and LMTD Account Manager, Michelle Smith, shares her thoughts on one of the fastest growing social media platforms in the region.

Storehouse is becoming a hybrid platform for the Arab audience wanting to express more than what is possible (or deemed acceptable in terms of volume of posts) on Instagram while taking the Story function of Snapchat and removing its ephemerality. It effectively allows its users to curate a story around their pictures, much like the old Facebook Album feature that is so passé for my generation,” she says.

We’ve seen the most popularity on art and travel stories and massive infiltration in the Arab market, while the platform seems to be struggling in momentum in other markets. I’m excited to see how it grows and evolves as more users adopt it.”


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