2015 trends + millenials + talking gender breakdowns

social media trendsWelcome to issue 23 of The Watercooler and the last of 2014.

LMTD has picked out some of the most interesting stories making waves around the web this week, to keep you up-to-date with developments in the world’s most exciting and fastest-growing industry.

Read more for our take on millenials, 2015 social media trends and gender breakdown by platform.

Something else you’d like to see? Let us know at news@teamlmtd.com. See you in 2015!

What is a millennial?

Millenial consumer

More than just a buzzword, if you want to sell your product to anyone born after 1980, you need to take a look at this infographic.

Our top takeaways include:

  • They’re taking currency online: 50% of millennial mobile shoppers anticipate using digital wallets by 2017.
  • Retailers are still not targeting consumers correctly: 50% of retailers have admitted not marketing differently to distinct demographics.
  • Meaning they may be missing out on the millennial spend: nearly 85% of respondents say they research a product online before making a purchase.

Top anticipated social media trends for 2015

Social media cloud

Predicting the future is hard work. There’s not only an unfathomable amount of information to consider, but also a treasure trove of unknown variables that could derail your thinking completely. Ultimately, you could find yourself predicting the future of manned space travel within the decade just as easily as you might be the one to rubbish the iPhone’s chances of long-term success.

We think Social Media Today must have been at least a little concerned with failure when they drew up their list of 8 social media trends to watch out for next year. Many of them, such as the rise of Instagram and other image-based social networks or ‘companies will look to go for viral marketing’ are pretty safe-verging-on-boring choices, given they have already begun emerging as trends this year.

Not everything, however, is quite as obvious: they predict that Instagram and LinkedIn will be the year’s most popular networks. Okay, so Instagram is obvious (we’ve frequently talked about its growing popularity in The Watercooler before) – but LinkedIn?

It has been notoriously difficult for businesses to find the appropriate way to use the professional networking platform – save for recruitment efforts – and measuring ROI isn’t exactly easy. Plus, Facebook’s decision to introduce a competing service – and their historically much better relationship with brands and marketers – should be a cause for worry at LinkedIn HQ.

But, Social Media Today persists, business-to-business communication through social media will be big in 2015; and here they may have something. It’s a market that’s largely untapped, and LinkedIn’s standing as the biggest social network for the professional is pretty well-established. Are they positioned to take advantage of the situation, while fending off the competition? Time will tell. But it’s definitely worth keeping an eye on them.

See Social Media Today’s full predictions here.

Social media: the gender breakdown

Snapchat is 70 percent female

Even if you think you have your social media targeting right, and you know where your female demographic goes to consume news or shop, take a minute to check out these interactive data visualisations. With tumblr and Snapchat leading the way in a skew towards female users, there are plenty of surprises!

This week’s social media news, features, changes and updates:

Liam Neeson can endorse your particular set of skills on LinkedIn

YouTube introduces GIF Maker

Celebrities are upping their app game

Uber in Australia: Ill-advised opportunism or service automation fail?

Netflix recommendations coming to android and smartwatches


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